GPS automotive and industrial fasteners

GPS automotive and industrial fasteners was established in 2003, we established this company to provide the aftermarket with automotive products with a extensive distribution network, our products is easy to come by.

All our products are manufactured to the highest of standard and we strive to give you a good quality product at a reasonable price with a remarkable delivery time.

We supply a wide range of about 600 different automotive clips and fasteners such as:

-Screw Grommets

-Trim Panel Clips

-Window Winder Clips

-Fender Liner Clips

-Bumper Clips

-Fender Flare Clips

-Xmas Tree Clips

-Door Panel Clips

-Beading Clips

-Reusable Cable Ties

-Bonnet Stay Clips

-Push Type Retainers

-Door Rubber Clips

-Speed Nuts and

-Fender Screws.